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Summary of the Seven Coordinates

If you can see and accept the above coordinates, then a picture emerges of the current status quo as being unnatural and ineffective. Things that people take for granted without a second thought as being normal and necessary become things which are arbitrary, erroneous, nefarious and even ridiculous.

The vast majority of people in the world today have never known any other form of education and so consider it to be normal. People are never exposed to other possibilities or alternatives because they are never discussed in newspapers, books or on television. Highly funded schools and talented classroom teachers continue to create an illusion that education is very difficult and therefore schools are necessary, when in fact children learn best in families and small communities and for most people throughout most of known human history this has always been the case. Even in today's world where the odds are stacked against you, children who don't go to school still outperform those who do.

The military origins of the current educational format which is being spread around the world is extremely dubious. being severely misguided at best. Given also the ability of a human being to be programmed, this summons up some very profound and serious concerns about the way that we all have been educated and the way we are now educating our own children and grandchildren.

At best we are dramatically below our potential as human beings due to a severely ineffective and generally harmful educational approach. At worst, we have been programed to believe what our masters need us to believe in order to control us, the masses of slaves. Whichever it is, we should all be very concerned.

I have come to the conclusion that this has to change in order for the world to change.