Get oriented to an alternative educational view!


The basic message I am trying to get across may sound strange or extreme or plain wrong to most people. In this section I will orientate the reader with the educational fundamentals which underpin my educational view. These are seven coordinates which I consider to be self-evident (to borrow a phrase) and which will transform the education of the masses if only they can see it for themselves.

My view which most people will disagree with - is that schools are a) at best ineffective and inferior learning environments for children compared to family and local community and b) at worst brain-washing, propaganda-invested prisons of the mind and human spirit.

To most people, this sounds like an abnormal or extreme perspective but unfortunately it is not.

To understand the truth behind this, parents, teachers and children need to get re-orientated.

  • Coordinate #1 Almost everything is learned.
  • Coordinate #2 Learning is natural, schools are not.
  • Coordinate #3 Schools in their current form are a recent innovation in human history.
  • Coordinate #4 Children and teachers don't really want to be in school.
  • Coordinate #5 Schools impose artificial and harmful parameters on learning.
  • Coordinate #6 Most teachers are not education experts.
  • Coordinate #7 Mainstream debate on education is incredibly narrow and biased.