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Coordinate #3

Schools in their current form are a recent innovation in human history.

Today throughout the western world, and almost everywhere else, every child is going to a school which, in its basic format, is exactly the same as the schools their parents and grandparents attended. It is understandable, then, that people think it is standard and normal.

Prissian education

However history tells a different story. The evidence points to the beginnings of the current classroom and teacher model originating in 19th century Prussia as a means of instructing soldiers and minimising dissent. This system was then spread through the world by the Prussian-educated world elite. I recommend John Taylor-Gatto's writing on this subject.

Prior to this, education was a great deal more holistic and family and community-based.

It's important to realise that the global universality of the current method of schooling did not arise because it is the best or only possibility but because this system was created artificially quite recently and was then spread worldwide.

Coordinate #4 Children and teachers don't really want to be in school.