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Coordinate #4

Children and teachers don't really want to be in school.

No matter how much fun the kids have in school and how great and innovative the teaching is at the core there is a situation where both children and teachers are there under duress.

Children have to go to school. Teachers have to earn money.

The best thing about teaching is the holidays many will say. So in other words, the best thing about teaching is how much time you don't have to do it. Thank god it's the weekend and so on. It's just a job that you have to do something that is true for almost every teacher I've ever met.

If you ask children what do they like about school, they will point to things like friends and community-based or outdoor activities. The things children most like about school are the things which are not actually school and are things which can and, in my opinion should be provided by families and communities.

Coordinate #5 Schools impose artificial and harmful parameters on learning

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