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Coordinate #5

Schools impose artificial and harmful parameters on learning.

The structure of formal schooling, which seems so normal to most people, actually deviates in fundamental ways from how human beings naturally and optimally learn.

What I mean by this is that the concept of dividing learning into years and terms and subjects which then dictate what a child should be learning and how/when he or she is assessed is arbitrary, unnecessary and generally uncongenial to development. For example, saying that a child must take exams at sixteen and then if you get good enough grades you must then choose three subjects and take exams at 18 so you can continue to university this is completely arbitrary and has nothing to do with the best way to educate children.

In addition to these parameters, schools also lay a nefarious layer of structure upon the learning endeavour - such as grouping by age or ability, teacher hierarchy, hourly lessons according to subjects. bells and the list goes on...

Coordinate #6 Most teachers are not education experts.