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Coordinate #6

Most teachers are not education experts.

Most parents look to teachers as being the people who can best educate their child. Teachers do a very difficult and unenviable job and those who become outstanding at it are rightly revered. However, what those teachers have achieved is expertise as a classroom practitioner. That is not the same as being an expert in education. In any case, the vast majority of teachers are not even outstanding classroom practitioners and have a very shallow knowledge of educational theory and educational psychology. Many are very young, have very narrow life experiences and perhaps don't even have their own children.

Many parents feel like they must send their children to school because they could not do the job themselves. This is false in most cases, I propose. No one knows or cares about your child more than you the parent. Teaching, like learning, is a natural human capacity. (Think about it if we are natural learners then we must also be natural teachers). Don't confuse how difficult it is to be a school teacher with how difficult it is to educate your own children, in families or communities. The state of parents educating their own children (in communities) is the natural state of human beings.

Coordinate #7 Mainstream debate on education is incredibly narrow and biased.